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Are you Secure?

  • Complete line of firewall / VPN solutions for enterprises and service providers

  • Tightly integrated set of best-in-class security applications to protect against Worms, Trojans, Viruses and other malware

  • Multiple management mechanisms including complete CLI, WebUI or centralized management facilitate rapid deployment while minimizing ongoing operational costs

( Ask yourself the following.)

  • How are you protecting your branch offices, knowing that attackers successfully target the weakest link?
  • Many customers have seen an increase of internal attacks – both unauthorized access as well as viruses, etc. brought in from home. Are you seeing similar trends?
  • What security standards have you set for compliance and how are you enforcing these at the branch?
  • Are you concerned that your branch office routers do not have sufficient performance when a full suite of security features (Firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering) is enabled?
  • Are you using IP telephony, and do you have plans to push that out to the branch as a way to drive down your phone bills?
  • Are you looking to roll out a new application across the WAN without upgrading WAN capacity?
  • Have you recently rolled out a new application that is performing poorly across the WAN?
  • Are file transfers across the WAN unacceptably slow?
  • How many servers do you have? Do you want to reduce the number of servers you have and increase server capacity?
  • Do you have any performance problems with your web applications?
  • What are you currently using to provide secure access for remote or traveling employees now?